I've been doing lots and lots of painting on black fabric and will have some really cool purses for the summer art fairs. Some, I do with stencils; simple things such as dragonflies, butterflies and leaves. Some are more inricate and are done free hand. It's been tons of fun.

I use screen print paint with some acrylic paint and have gotten some great results! After they're painted, I heat treat them with the iron so that the paint doesn't crack or rub off.

TheĀ  really fun part is matching fabrics to the colors in the painting so that I end up with the perfect combination. But I won't be getting around to the fun part until after the holidays. Since my "studio" is in the room where everyone gathers on Christmas day, I had to put my bins and bins of fabric, my boxes of patterns and lining pieces away and fold up my sewing machine for now.

I'm so looking forward to the spring and summer when it's art festival time!