I started sewing when I was about eight years old. My mother had a new sewing maching and she taught me how to run it. When I got to Junior High School, I took a sewing class and learned more, but the beginning came with my mother's sewing machine.

That machine was a Singer, made in 1950. Amazingly, I still use that sewing machine today. In fact, it made every single bag on my website and all of the hundreds of bags I've sold at fairs and art shows.

I did try a new Singer, but it wasn't strong enough to sew through the many layers I have to sew through. I found out later that Singer sold its name sometime in the late 70s or early 80s so now they can put the Singer name on any piece of junk.

So I came back to my mother's machine. It still works like a horse.

I have a sort of sewing machine collection. I have a 1925 "portable" that weighs about 80 pounds. I have a 1900 treadle machine that needs refinishing and a new belt. I have another 1950 machine in the garage. All Singers, of course!