garment you simply cannot bear to throw or give away? It could be a wedding dress, a prom dress, a shirt, a skirt or any item of clothing that you, or someone you love, wore and still hold dear. It no longer fits. It's out of style. You just can't use it anymore.  Each time you think you'll give it away, you hesitate then put it back. Maybe it's mom's wedding dress, or a favorite blouse or any beloved garment.

I have a solution for you.

Why not turn that dress into a handbag? Make it into something you can use. 

The large bag in the picture with the embroidered wisteria is made from a handmade silk kimono. Part of the kimono was so damaged as to make it unwearable (even if you could find an occaision to wear one). It is now an iBag. Useful and beautiful. The lacy cream clutch was a golden wedding anniversary dress. Not damaged, but it no longer fit its owner. The green and gold clutch was a favorite scarf, the larger gold and green bag had been a sari then a skirt and the pink, gold and blue bag was once a wedding sari, now made into multiple clutches so each of the granddaughters can own one and cherish a bit of their grandmother's history.

It was truly satisfying making each and every one of these bags. The garments all have a living history of their own. I may not have personally known the wearers, but I could feel something of their individual stories as I made them into heirlooms that will be treasured by another generation.